Thursday, July 28, 2011

#16 AfroChic Now Has Gift Cards

This year, you can surprise your friends and family at Christmas, on their birthdays and other special occasions with something AfroChic. But why try to figure out what they would want, whether it will fit, whether they'd prefer the blue outfit or the green one when you can simply get them a gift card?


AfroChic now has gift cards in 4 denominations: 25 GHC, 50 GHC, 75 GHC, and 100 GHC.

These gift cards will soon be available for purchase online. But for now, you can purchase them from the AfroChic store in legon.

All cards are redeemable at AfroChic stores and at

So go ahead and surprise your loved ones.

Now you know one more reason why I love AfroChic!