Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#13 Eight ways to connect with AfroChic

If you want to connect with AfroChic, there are 8 easy ways.

1. Call us
We're open between 10 am and 8 pm Monday - Saturdays but not on public holidays. If you call us between these hours, there will be a friendly voice at the other end of the line to speak to you. For general inquiries, call (030) 296 0205. For inquiries about a specific order, call 020 - 015-8696. Does that mean we'll be rude if you call at 8 am? hehe. Of course not! It just means there will be no one available to answer your call as our offices are not open before that time.

2. Email us
There are 2 ways to email us. You can either send an email to admin@afrochiconline.com or you can use this contact sheet on our website. If you have design ideas, you can actually submit them to us using this contact sheet. This is also the best place to send complaints, comments, love mail, fan mail etc.

3. Visit our stores
You can visit our online store or our physical store. See here for directions and a map.

4. Send us snail mail
In this day of email, we don't get much snail mail so we'll be excited to get one from you. Our mailing address is AfroChic Limited, P.O. Box LG 854, Legon

5.Follow us on Twitter

Our twitter handle is GetCompliments. You can follow us by clicking here

6. Be a fan on facebook

If you're our facebook fan, you can post questions on our wall. We go to impossible lengths to answer all your questions and promptly too. You can browse through our photos and comment on the clothes, offer suggestions, have a conversation with another fan etc.

7. Follow I love AfroChic
I love AfroChic is the official AfroChic blog. We created this blog specifically for AfroChic fans. We want to be the coolest brand in the world. Part of that is going out of our way to do things our customers love. And then to make a lot of noise about it. haha! This blog is meant to tell you more about the awesomeness that is AfroChic, to answer your questions before you ask them, to share insider stories, to chat, to laugh, and importantly, to listen to you.

8. Subscribe to Our Newsletter
If you want to stay on top of what's new in AfroChic, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We're still looking for a cool name for it. But for now, we'll just call it the newsletter. The newsletter is a new communication which we'll be sending to our customers on a regular basis which will include insider info on what's now and what's next in fashion, style and AfroChic. We'll be bringing you more information on our upcoming newsletter soon!

Did we say 8? Well here's a bonus

9. Attend Our Quarterly Events
Every 3 months, AfroChic comes out with a new collection. And we set aside 1 day, usually a Saturday where we invite everyone who loves AfroChic to come and be the first to shop the new collection. In less than 3 weeks, on 11th June, we're releasing our newest freshest collection...the international collection and you're invited to attend. Click here to learn more on facebook and to rsvp.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#12 AfroChic Answers Your Questions

AfroChic is super responsive to you. We respond to your questions quickly and as completely as we can.
Here are answers to the questions our customers ask most often.
  1. Where is the AfroChic shop located?

    Our shop is very easy to find. Check here for a map and directions or order from our online shop

  2. If I bring my own fabric, will you sew for me?

    AfroChic does not do bespoke or custom clothing. We operate strictly as a shop, selling ready made, off the rack, ready to wear items. You can only buy what is available in the shop. We do not currently take pre-orders.

  3. Are AfroChic sizes UK or US?

    Neither. Our sizes were specially developed using real measurements/data of Ghanaian men and women. Cool huh? Anyway if you want to know how AC sizes compare with sizes from elsewhere, note that our sizes are very close to US measurements, but not equivalent.

If you're a UK size 10, you will wear AC size 6.

If you're a US size 10, you will wear AC size 10.

  1. I saw a dress on The AfroChic facebook page but I can't find it on the website. Will I get it if I come to your shop in legon?

Everything we have in stock is available for purchase on our online shop. So our online shop is the best place to check for what is available.

The photos you see on our facebook page include both current stock and past designs. Our stock changes quickly. Every week, there are new items in the store, and some of the older designs sell out. The most popular designs are sometimes restocked in different colors and fabrics. So if you saw an outfit on facebook but can't find it on the website, it generally means that the item is not currently available for purchase.

  1. I've checked the website but the outfit I want is not available in my size. Can I request for one to be made for me?

We usually stock all sizes of every new design. So if you can't find your favorite design in your size, it means it is sold out in your size. We do not currently take pre-orders or do bespoke or custom clothing.

We would advise that you keep checking the website on Fridays to see if that item may be restocked in a different color or fabric. We know that it is disappointing when your favorite outfit is sold out and is not restocked. So we try to restock your favorite designs in different colors and fabrics. We also release new and fabulous items every week. So even if you missed out on this week's hottest design, you can get a different one next week.

  1. What if I order online and it doesn't fit?

    To minimize the risk of buying an outfit in the wrong size, we advise that you check our size chart before you order if you know your body measurements. The size chart can be found on the top right corner of our website, on the black menu bar.

If you do not know your body measurements, you can estimate your AfroChic size from your UK or US size. Our sizes are very close to US measurements, but not equivalent.

If you're a UK size 10, you will wear AC size 6.

If you're a US size 10, you will wear AC size 10.

  1. Can I order from AfroChic if I am not in Accra?

    The answer is yes, you can order from our online shop even if you're not in Accra. However AfroChic does not yet do deliveries outside Accra so if you wish to buy from us, you will have to get friends or family to pick up your order from our shop in legon, pay for it, and arrange for it to be sent to you.

Should you decide to take this option, please note that our return policy allows returns up to 10 days after the delivery date. For those outside Ghana, this may be particularly difficult to do. However if you can do so, we will be happy to give you store credit, as indicated in our return policy.

If you have more questions, or suggestions, just send us an email: admin@afrochiconline.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.