Thursday, June 23, 2011

#14 Four Fresh Collections Every Year!

I'm obsessed with AfroChic. Here's why.

Every 3 months, there is a whole new selection of compliment-getters to love and choose from!

See, AfroChic has 4 collections in a year.
The first is The Heritage Collection which comes out in March, and is inspired by Ghanaian culture, and heritage.

This is followed by the International Collection in June which is inspired by a different country. For example, the International 2011 Collection which just came out is inspired by New York City. Next year, we travel somewhere else.

Then in August, we have the Harmattan Collection. Which takes inspiration from the colors of harmattan and the Harmattan season.

Finally in December, we end the year with a banging Festive Collection, which features colorful party outfits appropriate for festivities, parties, and weddings.

All these collections are designed to get compliments. Cool eh?

We usually launch them with a special shop and mingle event. Click here to read Obii's account of our last shop and mingle event here.

I loooooove AfroChic!

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