Monday, April 2, 2012

#23 How To Determine Your AfroChic Size

You've visited our website and have fallen in love with several of our clothes. Now you're ready to shop. There's only one catch. How to know your AfroChic Size.

No worries. Determining your AC size is pretty simple.

1. First Determine Your Body Measurements

Find a measuring tape and take your bust, waist and hip measurements if you're a woman. Or if you're a man, measure your neck size. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can also call your regular seamstress or tailor to ask for your body measurements.

2. Find AfroChic's Size Chart
There are 3 places to find an AfroChic Size chart. You can find one on our website by clicking on the black menu bar which reads SIZE CHART. You can also find a size chart on this blog. See below for easy reference. If you have an AfroChic brochure, you can also find a size chart in there.
3. Compare Your Body Measurements To AfroChic's Size Chart
Now that you have y0ur body measurements and a size chart on hand, simply compare the two to determine your AfroChic size.

Your measurements may not fit neatly with our size chart in which case you'll have to buy the closest approximation. For example if your bust measurement is 39 and your waist is 32, and hip 42, you will buy a size 12.

Similarly if your neck size is 16.5, you'll have to decide whether to choose a Medium or a Small.

AfroChic does not alter clothes to fit specific individuals but you can always order and alter it yourself.

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